For almost 30 years we have been active in the field of mass catering, with our main object, the storage and distribution of food from Greece and all over the world.

Since 1994 we have been at the side of our partners, offering them innovative and high quality products able to cover all needs.

Headquartered in the beautiful Thessaloniki, we distribute a wide range of 1850 codes in Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki, N. Kilkis, N. Imathias, N. Pella and almost all over N. Greece, with our expanded network of partners.

The experience and know-how we have acquired, the steady progress and development over the years, as well as your recognition, have elevated us to reliable partners.


Establishment of the company based in Kordelio,Thessaloniki.


Relocation to the new privately owned facilities in Neochorouda,Thessaloniki.

The increase in human resources and fleet of trucks resulted in the establishment of the company’s presence in the market.


A year of growth for our company.The expansion of facilities,vehicles,as well as the addition of new stuff,paves the way for cooperation with the biggest brands in the market.


With the needs of the market constantly growing and diversifying,we seek inovative products that satisfy every professional.

As the flavours of the world coming together,we encourage the creativity of every chef and the curiosity of every consumer.

Human resources

In the new market environment, there is one important factor for all those businesses that want to make a difference and that is none other than their people. We protect everyone’s right to work regardless of origin, religion, sex, color and personal beliefs.

By creating a safe environment for everyone, we promote the communication and cooperation of all departments of our company, listening to their suggestions for improving the services we provide, without hierarchical procedures.

We invest in the new generation of our people, training them in new electronic systems, but also in encouraging them to take initiatives.


Our mission is to search for the needs of our customers and meet them, with high quality products at competitive prices. This has been and will continue to be the main concern of all of us. By 2050 there will be 10 billion people on the planet. This prompts us to search for different food cultures, but also to adapt to new market trends, without bypassing the most basic of all our goals: The promotion of Greek products and Greek cuisine in general!

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